Orillia Feb 2014Kirsty teaches step-by-step strategies for business success.


KIRSTO’s experienced-based seminars and workshops teach practical skills that actually help small business and not-for-profits move closer to success.

Her seminars have grown out of 35+ years of experience as an owner, innovator, inventor, instigator and volunteer.

She doesn’t just talk and write about issues facing businesses and not-for-profits, she lives them.

Book Kirsty to speak at your conference, meeting, Business Centre, or Municipality. 

NEW FOR 2016 – KIRSTO’S Uncorporate Step-By-Step Marketing Guides 

When speaking at a conference an attendee came up to Kirsty and said:

“Your lessons are too valuable to keep to yourself. Please write a book.”

This comment helped Kirsty move forward with her plans for the launch of her first book:

KIRSTO’S Uncorporate Step-By-Step Marketing Guide for Events

This new, easy-to-follow systematic approach to marketing is the  first in a series of Marketing Guides.


Kirsty is planning on her second book in Fall 2016:

KIRSTO’S Uncorporate Step-By-Step Marketing Guide for Small Business



A common problem for local and regional event organizers, not for profits and solopreneurs is an abundance of passion for their cause or business, but a lack of marketing experience.


KIRSTO’s Guides offer step-by-step instructions to:

  1. Develop a marketing plan
  2. Choose from 60+ marketing strategies and tactics
  3. Develop a timeline and implement the Marketing Plan
  4. Measure, analyze, adjust and repeat


The Guides are written like old-fashioned instruction manuals, with easy-to-follow instructions written in plain language with real-life examples, with diagrams and templates throughout, and coil-bound to lie flat for ease of use.


The target audience for the EVENT Guide is the  small- and medium-sized not-for-profit organizations, sports clubs and/or businesses which hold and plan any kind of event, from community-based fairs and music festivals to store openings and product launches.

The target audeince for the SMALL BUSINESS Guide is the solopreneur, mini and small business owner.


Kirsty and her Guides are uncorporate in approach, tactics and attitude!



Offers a new systematic approach to marketing with her Step-By-Step Marketing Guides, available Fall 2016.

Adds value to Business Centres’ services with her practical seminars and workshops.

Shows solopreneurs, mini- and small business how to earn more customers.

Helps not-for-profits, sports clubs and Provinical Sports Organizations increase their membership base.


Reviews have been unanimously positive. Organizations routinely request more after their first experience with KIRSTO.

“You are a great and very natural presenter. The content was just right for the timeframe and the real life lessons you shared were very pertinent to the group.” – Tim Newton, Business Program Consultant, Business Enterprise Resource Network, Collingwood, ON.


“Very informative, a good format with takeaways. I liked the sharing aspect of the session. It was interesting to hear others’ problems and successes.” Alison D. Collingwood, June 2014

“Absolutely worth the time! I could have kept listening and participating 10 more hours!” A.B. Orillia, April, 2014

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